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"The Jazz Channel"

The StarVA Live Stream   - Is the home of 24-hour Jazz and Blues.  Artists and music from the Big Band, Bebop, Cool, Latin, Fusion and Funk schools, are blended into a musical collage that caters to a mellow mood.  If you get tired of repetitive “Hits” or “Classic Rock” or “Oldies” programming  . . . that you can find anywhere, or,  you just need a break from “Prank Calls”, “Hollywood Gossip” or “Shopping Clubs”,  why not take some time for yourself to enjoy the uniquely american art-form that is Jazz?  Click on the player and add it to your home page.  Then, take The Stream with you wherever you go.  As we like to say, “Give it a shot . . it won’t kill you” (Worst slogan ever)  Check out our Schedule Page to see what’s playing and when . . . . . 


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